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Acai Extract Powder

Wholesale Best Quality Acai Berry Extract Powder
Product name: Acai Extract powder
Latin Name: Euterpe oleracea
Synonyms: Acai Extract, Brazilian Acai, Euterpe oleracea
Part of Used: Berry fruit
Specifications: 4:1,10:1,20:1
Appearance: Violet/ Purple fine powder

Main Fuction:
Weight loss, fat blocker, anti-aging, antioxidant

Bodybuilding, fitness, supplement, pre workout
Brife introduction:
Acai berry has an impressive nutrient profile which is high in good monounsaturated and omega 6 fats and fibre, while also containing protein and very little sugar. Quite often when we consider the benefits of a plant food, the term "flavonoid" is often mentioned. Flavonoids are plant metabolites that exhibit a range of health promoting effects. Acai berries contain five anthocyanin flavonoids, two of which were previously undiscovered elsewhere.



Paperboard barrel lined with two-layer polyethylene film bag;
Tightly sealed in a clean,cool,dry area, keep away from strong, direct light.
Shelf life : 2 years when properly stored .

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