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Reishi spores powder (wall broken)

Reishi spores powder is the seeds that are released from the fruit body when the fungus ripens.

Reishi spores powder is the seeds that are released from the fruit body when the fungus ripens. Biologically, these seeds are called spores. Powder-like when collected, they are commercially called “Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) spore powder.

The diameter of a spore is merely 5-8 microns, but rich in bio-active ingredients, such as Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, triterpenoids, Ganoderma lucidum acid, organic germanium, and selenium. It is very difficult to collect the spore powder. Normally, only 1 kg of the powder can be collected from 1000 kgs of Ganoderma lucidum.

Character Dark-brown powder, unsoluble to water, have reishi smelling
Content(CHP-2010) polysaccharide>2%           Triterpene>4%
Physical&Chemical index

Loss on Drying<9%, Ash<2% 

As<0.3ppm   Pb<0.5ppm  Hg<0.2ppm

Microbiological index

Total plate count<1000cfu/g 

E.Coli and salmonella:
not detected (Non-irradiation)

1. Reishi spores powder can enhance immunoregulation, promotes metabolism
2. Reishi spores powder can prolong life and anti-aging, improve the skin health care
3. Reishi spores powder can anti-tumor and anti-radiation, inhibit tumor growth, prevent postoperative recurrence of cancers, reduce side-effects during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, such as mitigate the pains, suppress hair loss, etc.
4. Reishi spores powder can anti-cardiovascular diseases via germanium eliminating toxins from blood, anti-hypertension, lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
5. Reishi spores powder can protect liver and enhance detoxification, thus improving liver function and repairing of liver tissue injury
6. Reishi spores powder  can has a significant efficacy on removing anxiety, anti-fatigue, anti-insomnia, anti amnesia, improve sleep.
7. Reishi spores powder  can has a better auxiliary effect on neurasthenia, fatigue syndrom, menopausal syndrom and Alzheimers disease.