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Different Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

We provide different kinds of Natural and organic Matcha tea, meet different end-user demand.
We provide different kinds of Natual and organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, meet different end-user demand.

Our Organic matcha tea is certified by EU regulations and USDA with EUROFINS or SGS pesticide technical analysis. Microbiological standards are tested according to ISO standards.

Our Services:
Our company provides 3 different services. We can provide you with our own label, with private label and bulk orders. Pricing for our own label and private label depends on the quantity and the size per package as well as the type of packaging. Therefore we can quote you for our own label / private label on request.
All of our organic products are certified by Kiwa BCS, which audits our whole supply chain. This means that the certification process includes:
- verifying where we source our organic products
- the processing of our products
- packaging of our products
- labelling of our packaging
Due to these stringent controls, Pure Biotechnology is able to guarantee the organic integrity of the products that we offer. This ensures that all products that we offer are 100% organic.

Our Matcha Green tea powder have a variety of applications including; Food & Beverage the industry, ice tea, solid beverage , Facial Mask, catering etc. baked food, healthy food and series snack foods.This product can be extensively used in tea foods like health products, tea beverage, milk tea, ice cream, tea bread and tea cake products to intensify nutrition and health-care efficacy and to endue kinds of food special tea flavor.

Grade A:
For Cooking /culinary grade. Such as: noodles, bisuits, moon cakes, cookies, green bean cakes etc.

Grade AA:
For Baking grade:Nougat, Puffs, Pudding,Chocolate etc.
(Since barley grass juice powder is added in this grade of Matcha, the Matcha will keep green after hot cooking.)

Grade AAA:
For beverage & dessert grade, such as Drinks, Smoothies, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices, Latte, Milk Tea etc

Grade AAA:
For cosmetic grade: Mask, Foaming cleanser,soaps, Lipstick etc.
Function: Anti-Oxidant,remove acne, anti anaphylaxis, anti-inflammatory and radical scavenging activity etc.

Grade AAAA: For Ceremonial grade, drink directly.

Grade AAAAA: For Ceremonial grade premium matcha, drink directly.

Super Ceremony: Superior ceremony for drink directly.
This grade of matcha is bluish green and have delicious taste. Normal matcha doesn't have the same color and taste like it. After you taste it, you will know if you are a specilist at matcha

Company Information
Ningxia Pure Biology Technology company specialized in organic superfoods. We buy our products directly from organic certified farmers, farmer cooperation and local suppliers from China. Therefore we can deliver the best quality for the best price available. All products are organic certified by Kiwa BCS (Germany) according to EU regulations. Kiwa BCS(Germany) are known for their standards to be one of the most stringent organic standards in the world. The standards exceed EU organic minimums.