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Conventional Dried Goji Berries

Dried Goji Berries are grown in remote valleys in China. Plants bloom from April to October. Harvest of the mature berries depends on the weather of the cultivation area from June through October.

Goji Berry have been used as a medicinal and food plant in China for 1700 years.The plant is indigenous to the continent of Asia. These berries when ingested by humans have been proven to have many wonderful health advantages, some of which include the prevention of eye disorders, cancer preventative qualities and longevity of life.

Dried Goji Berries :
1) Support eye health and improve your vision.
2) Support healthy liver function.
3) Support normal kidney function.
4) Maintain healthy blood pressure.
5) Reduce cholesterol.
6) Make you feel and look younger.

Commodity: Dried goji berry(Conventional)
Size: 160grains,180grains,220grains,280grains,320grains,350grains,380grains,450grains,500grains,600grains
Taste: Sweet
Humidity/Moisture (%):  11%-13%
Sugar: 37%-40%

1) Bulk 4X5KGS/CTN; 11MTS/20GP
2) 250g/bag x 80 bags/ctn 100g/bag x 200 bags/ctn.
3) Also can packed in plastic bag, aluminum foils bag, semi- plastic & semi-aluminum, or stand-up bag.

Ningxia Pure Biology Technology Co.,Ltd (PURE Biotechnology) :
1) In the the origin place of goji berries.
2) Have own factory, all of goji are grow in our Planting Base.
3) Have more than 10 years goji berry export experience, and we export goji products to all over the world,include The United States, Germany, France, Britain, Czech, Malaysia, South Africa and other countries
4) Our Dried Goji Berries :
A.Have Full size/grade.
B.Have Good moisture.
C.Have Good color and scent.
D.Have Amazing taste.