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Freeze Dried Black Goji Powder

Factory Supply high quality Freeze Dried Black Goji Powder with 10 years operating experience from Ningxia, China.
English Name: Freeze Dried Black Goji Powder
Latin Name: Lycium ruthenicum Murr
Process: Freeze Dried
Part Used: Fruit/ Berry
Mesh size: 100% through 80 mesh
Place of Origin: China
Grade: Food ingredients, food

Function of Freeze Dried Black Goji Powder:
1. Anti-aging, improve sleep;
2. Beauty to raise colour, improve skin;
3. Invigorating the essence, prevention of cancer ;
4. Protect liver, improve vision;
5. To improve circulation, enhance physical fitness; 
6. The prevention and treatment of diabetes and has obvious fatigue, protect liver, anti-tumor, dredge blood vessels, step-down, protect the
cardiovascular system.

Application of Freeze Dried Black Goji Powder::
1. For Pharmaceutical; 
2. For Health Care Products;
3. For Healthy food additive.