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Freeze Dried Sea Buckthorn Powder with No Additives

Supply Freeze Dried Sea Buckthorn Powder with No Additives
Sea Buckthorn is a valuable herb to the treasure trove of medicinal plants in China.China has abundant resource of the Sea buckthorn berry.The sea buckthorn fruit not only contain a wild range of vitamins,microelements,amino acids,fatty acids and other biologically active substances,but also contain a variety of essential mineral elements to human,especially the most content is calcium,iron,zinc,potassium and selenium.For the convenience of use,we made sea buckthorn berry into Natural Sea Buckthorn fruit extract.Sea buckthorn powder can be widely used in food,medicine and other field.

Freeze Dried Sea Buckthorn Powder is made of natural wild sea buckthorn fruit, the sea buckthorn powder uses the technology of German centrifugal spray drying with instant drying and germ-free packing.Sea buckthorn powder is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, proanthocyanidins, catechins, flavonoids and other nutrients, is the best raw material for health foods. After mixing with water you can easily enjoy this powder with the health benefits it has.

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What Freeze Dried Sea Buckthorn Powder can do for health?
1) Improve the cardiovascular system and anti-tumor.
2) Natural sea buckthorn can resist fatigue, reduce blood fat, resist radiation and ulcers, protect the liver and enhance immunity.
3) Treat cough and phlegm, eliminate dysphagia, promoting blood circulation.
4) Used for indigestion and abdominal pain, or amenorrhea,ecchymosis and fall injuries.
5) Improve myocardial microcirculation, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, reduce inflammation and so on.

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1)Stored in cool & dry place in closed container.
2)Kept away from moisture and strong light/heat.

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Why choose

Ningxia Pure Biology Technology Co.,Ltd (PURE Biotechnology) provides a brand-new way for the development and utilization of natural biological activity substances,We provides Sea Buckthorn Powder with No Additives.Excellent water-soluble can be guaranteed.And the Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder we have is without any preservatives and additives,its characteristics consist of the high purity and excellent product quality.