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Goji Juice Concentrate ≥65% Brix

The fresh-keeping Chinese Goji berry concentrated juice uses high quality Chinese Goji berry fruit as raw materials, adopts advanced and refined technology of surface cleaning, crushing, juice separation, high pressure homogeneous, low temperature vacuum.
Goji Juice Concentrate ≥65% Brix is made from 100% Goji Juice, also called wolfberry juice concentrate. Our Concentrate starting from 100% goji whole fruit pure made from berries picked within 6 hours and the goji juice concentrate was found to have the top ORAC value of all fruits. An amazing 122,000 ORAC units for per liter! It is a miracle in fruit juice concentrate industry!

Brix: 65 %
Ph: 2.8-4.2 
Tannin NMT 0.5 
Taste & Odor: Remaining the flavor of fresh
Characteristics: Gem-Red juice
Total acidity (Calculated by citric acid) : 2.0 ~ 7.0 
Density: 1.20~1.30
Ph: 2.8-4.2
Tannin≤ 0.5%
Ash ≤1ppm
Turbidity: No more than 30NTU
Clarity %: More than 70 (16B)
Color: (650nm): >70 (16B)
(520nm/430nm):0.6 -1.0
Mould(cfu/ml) ≤20
Package:250/275kg HDFE-Drums/-Gallons
Storage: As frozen (<-18°C) Store in tightly sealed containers a cool dry area.
Shelf life: 2 years stored in <-18°C. 3 months stored in 0°C to 10°C.

Production LIne

1.Provides Energy - Just a little replaces highly caffeinated beverages.
2.Controls Hunger Naturally (up to 4 hours) - It is so nutritionally dense; it feeds your body what it needs.
3.Anti-aging - 6000 (ORAC)** Antioxidant units per serving (per 3 teaspoons)
4.High antioxidant.
5.Also contains 18 amino acids and 27 trace minerals.
6.Gluten & Casein FREE
7.Preservative FREE
8.No Sugar Added

Why choose
Ningxia Pure Biology Technology Co.,Ltd (PURE Biotechnology) is located in Ningxia,China.The goji juice concentrate guarantees that the product we offering is free of additives,chemicals and preservatives.And the goji juice concentrate can ensure you that you are getting real goji juice.

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