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Update time : 2019-07-18 14:25:09
Here at PURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, every Superfood and Superfoods Powder product we contract manufacture is “Custom Made”.

We can supply all kinds of products on our website, however many clients come to us with a product in mind, which we’ll then work with you on to create a unique (and better) version of it. Our approach is uncomplicated and flexible approach, allowing you to remain in the drivers seat through the process.

This is our Private Package & Brand Processing Workshop,we can OEM bag, bottle, cans package as your request.

Through our extensive knowledge of superfoods, we have devised 3 different and unique high quality blends, each with a specific action and focus, with the aim of elevating you to the pinnacle of optimum health.

1)SuperGreens – This one stop green organic powder blend is a combination of Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Barleygrass, Moringa and Chlorella. It is blended in a specific combination to bring you very high levels of all the essential vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes, protein and an adaptogenic antioxidant action. This powder could very well end your cycle of taking synthetic vitamins and minerals and being a firm believer in naturally derived nutrition.

2)SuperProtein – The name says it all! An all organic blend that uses Pea, Rice, Pumpkin, Hemp and Chia Protein as base powders in precise ratios for a perfect food for your muscles. There are quite a few Vegan athletes who would agree that this blend will naturally boost each muscle in the body and give you an abundance of energy. 65% Pure Protein!

3)SuperVital – Bursting full of antioxidants and a great blood purifier this blend has concentrated amounts of Acai, Beetroot and Baobab. High amounts of Vitamin C from the Baobab work with phytochemicals in the Beetroot and Acai to insure the body can defeat any free radicals that might be causing trouble. It brings a tangy deep flavour and an amazing magenta colour to any smoothie.

From there if you wish to move ahead we take a small deposit in order to create samples of your product(s), which is deducted from you final invoice. Available Superfood Powders as below:

Acai powder, Alfalfa Grass powder, Alfalfa Sprouts powder, Aloe Vera Leaf powder, Ashwaganda powder, Acerola powder, 
Black goji berries powder, Baobab powder, Barley Grass Powder, Banana Powder, Beetroot Powder, Broccoli powder, Blueberrry Juice powder
Camu Camu powder, Cacao (raw) powder, Chlorella powder, Cranberry Extract and Powder
Goji Berry powder, Ginger Powder, Green Kiwi powder, 
Hazelnut Meal, Hemp Protein powder, 
Inulin powder, 
Kale powder, Kakadu Plum powder, 
Lucuma powder, 
Maca powder, Matcha Powder, Maqui Powder, Mod Carb (oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quiona powder, chia), Moringa Leaf Extract Powder
Noni Fruit Powder, 
Pea Protein powder, Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder, Papaya powder, Pineapple powder, Rice Protein powder, Purple Corn Powder Sacha Inchi Powder, 
Shilajit powder, Spirulina powder, Sea Buckthorn Extract and Powder, Superfruit Juice Powder (mixture of Berries and Fruits), Strawberry Powder, 
Quinoa powder, 
Teff Seed, Turmeric Powder, Tribulus Fruit Powder
Vanilla bean powder, 
Walnut Meal, Wheatgrass powder.