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Is organic certainly better than non-organic

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2020-11-24 15:26:37
                                                                                                   Is Organic Certainly Better Than Non-organic
Is organic necessarily healthier than non-organic?
Let's see if organic is really good, or is it just a flashy scam?
Let’s have a Look at organic consumption data, from 2010 to 2014, the total value of organic food soared from $29 billion in 2010 to $39 billion in 2014, and since then, the number has been climbing steadily at a rate of 10 percent a year.
From one aspect, it is a big good news, people are spending more and more health and green food, according to the 2015 study by consumer reports, the average price of organic products is 47% higher than that of non-organic, now, you might think, yes, it is more expensive, because the production cost is very high, in fact, companre with traditional food production,there will be  5 ~ 7% higher cost when we are manufacturing organic food , which is published in a discovery of the national academy of sciences of USA in 2015, which is said so.

What is organic?

To produce organic food, farmers do not use any hormones, genetically modified pesticides, or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or all kinds of industrial products, farmers can only use natural fertilizers, such as manure and compost.
Compost: composting is the organic fertilizer made by various organic wastes (such as crop straw, weeds, leaves, peat, organic household garbage, kitchen garbage, sludge, human and livestock manure and urine, distillery grains, bacterial bran and other wastes) as the main raw materials.
Only products that do not contain any food additives can be labeled as organic, and synthetic additives such as preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners and colors are not allowed.
In addition, it is a complete organic traceability chain from production, processing to sales, and each link needs to be certified by a third party.

Is organic Food really environmentally friendly?

Organic food does seem to be double moral and environmental friendly than the common food, organic animal farming seems too,which is due to a strict policy for the protection of animals, animals raised in organic farms live in a better environment.But it was completely different for crops, the biggest selling point of organic farm is that no pesticides is used to rush or increase production, you may already know that 95% of people choose organic food, is to prevent the damage of pesticide, but as the organic fruits and vegetables have no genetically modified ingredients, so their resistance will be lower than the improved ones.

How to choose the best organic products?
Whether you stick to traditional products or choose organic products, it is entirely up to the consumers themselves. If you prefer the latter, the best organic products you can find are from locally grown plants. If you can combine some organic products with non organic products and take them into food, I believe it is a wise choice. This is more realistic,by such you can not only get rich nutrition, but also more Performance-Price-Ratio.

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