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Goji berry powder

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2022-01-27 14:10:17
                                                                                                                            Goji berry powder

Goji berry is a common ingredient with rich nutrition and excellent health care effect. It can not only benefit the liver and kidney, but also nourish and strengthen the body. However, most eating methods can not make full use of the nutrition of Goji berry, such as soaking in water, cooking porridge and cooking. And there is a way to eat that allows us to absorb the nutrition of Goji berry, that is Goji berry powder. Fresh Chinese Goji berry is baked and matured at low temperature, and then processed and powdered to make Goji berry powder. Goji berry powder will not affect the nutritional components of Goji berry, but can increase the absorption capacity of intestines and stomach to the nutrients in Goji berry. It is one of the best practical methods of Goji berry.
How to make Goji berry into powder
1. The Goji berry can be ground into powder and cannot be operated directly. The Goji berry must be dried. It can only be put into the cooking machine for grinding after it is completely dehydrated. During the grinding process, the grinding quarry shall be chosen according to the temperature of the cooking machine. If the temperature of the cooking machine is too high, it shall be stopped after grinding for 2 ~ 3 minutes, and it shall be submerged again after he has finished speaking, until the Goji berry is ground into powder.
2. Goji berry can also be used with other ingredients when powdering. Common soybeans, mung beans and rice in life can be powdered with Goji berry. However, these ingredients should be fried in advance before they are powdered with Goji berry, and then dried in the air. After it is basically dehydrated, they can be matched with other ingredients, Grind it into powder with a grinder. Take an appropriate amount when necessary and eat it directly.
 Efficacy and function of Goji berry powder 

1. Tonifying liver and kidney
Goji berry powder retains most of the nutrients in Goji berry seeds. It can nourish the liver and kidney, improve human liver and kidney function, replenish essence and blood, and alleviate human body needs. When people have waist and knee soreness, dizziness, tinnitus, infertility and other adverse symptoms, they can eat more Goji berry, and the discomfort symptoms can be alleviated as soon as possible, In addition, when humans have adverse symptoms such as postpartum milk shortage or blood deficiency and yellowing, they can also take medlar powder in time, and its alleviating effect on these diseases is also obvious.
2. Improve human hematopoietic function 
Goji berry powder is rich in Goji berry polysaccharide, protein and a large amount of carotene. It also contains some trace element iron. After absorbing these nutrients, the human body can improve the body's hematopoietic function and enhance the activity of hematopoietic stem cells. It has a good conditioning effect on human anemia and blood loss. After these nutrients contained in Goji berry powder are absorbed by the human body, it can also promote the regeneration of immune cells. Regular consumption can improve the immune function of the human body.