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What are the effects of black Goji berry? How to identify and select black Goji berry

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2022-01-21 10:27:38
                                                  What are the effects of black Goji berry? How to identify and select black Goji berry?
Black Goji berry is a perennial shrub of the family Goji berry. The skin is purple-black when ripe, and the fruit is rich in purple pigment, which has high medicinal value. In our country, black Goji berry is also one of the important special economic plant resources, which has the nourishing function of medicine and food homology, especially the black Goji berry produced in Qinghai is of superior quality. So what is the effect of black Goji berry? How to identify and select black Goji berry? Let's find out together.
The efficacy and benefits of black Goji berry
1. Improve sleep
Black Goji berry is rich in anthocyanins, which can protect brain nerves from being oxidized and stabilize brain tissue function. After consuming black Goji berry, people will feel much clearer, and their sleep will be completely improved.
2. Delay aging
The anthocyanins contained in black Goji berry are the most effective natural free radical scavengers, which can delay the aging of human cells and tissues, maintain a youthful state and prolong life.
3. Protect eyesight
Drinking black Goji berry tea has obvious effect of protecting eyesight, and has good health care effects on juvenile pseudomyopia, middle-aged and elderly vertigo, fundus hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, visual fatigue, and dry eye.
4. Protect the skin
The anthocyanins in black Goji berry can also enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, improve the circulatory system and improve the smoothness of the skin. It not only prevents the early formation of skin wrinkles, but also prevents UV rays from damaging the skin.
5. Cancer Prevention
The anthocyanins in black Goji berry have the effect of scavenging free radicals and prevent cancer cells from spreading smoothly, thereby protecting more healthy cells from being eroded by cancer cells. For example, the pathogenic mechanism of breast cancer is like this, so taking anthocyanins will have a good inhibitory effect on the development of breast cancer.
How to identify and select black Goji berry?
At present, the phenomenon of "shoddy, adulterated, and counterfeit" is common in the market, so as a consumer, how to identify and select black Goji berry? Methods as below:
1. Identify and select from appearance
More than 95% of the black Goji berry has a handle, and the fruit contains 5-8 fruit seeds. After drying, it becomes a powder when squeezed by hand. The white thorn fruit is dark red without a stalk, and the fruit stalk falls off automatically when it matures. , single core, very hard when pinched by hand; blueberry fruit is purple-black, without stalk, and without seed.
2. Identify and select from the brewing color
Authentic black Goji berry is put into tap water, and blue appears like silk thread. The dyed fruit will appear blue as soon as it is put into the water. In the case of dyed black Goji berry, there is generally only one color for brewing, and it will not have different colors under different conditions.
3. Identify the pros and cons from the origin
The best wild black Goji berry is produced in the Nuomuhong area of ​​Qinghai, while the quality of black Goji berry in Xinjiang, Gansu and other places is lower, but the price is also different in different places of origin. Generally, the real black Goji berry is grown in the wild, and the resources are precious and the output is limited. The retail market costs at least 2,000 yuan per catty.