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Green Tea Powder

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2021-12-13 16:06:07
                                                                                                                     Green tea powder
Green tea powder is a kind of super powder with green color, and delicate, nutritional, healthy, natural green tea.
Green tea powder has good antioxidant and sedative effect, can reduce fatigue. Green tea contains vitamin C and flavonoids, and flavonoids can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin C, this kind of flavonoids is also precious nutrients, so for maintaining skin whitening, it can be described as a treasure grade effect. Green tea powder can be used as facial mask, cleaning the skin, moisturizing oil control, fading acne marks, promoting the recovery of skin injury; You can also add yoghurt, leben or apple juice to eat, with a promotion effect to relieve constipation, thin body beauty, weight loss.
The application method of green tea powder is very extensive, you can drink it every day, and it can also be made into a facial mask, and even can touch green tea contraction skin, make sebaceous film intensity increase, bodybuilding skin effect every day, and do not break, with green acne suppuration also has special effects.
Green tea powder is the food with a kind of economic material benefit, green tea can thin body, the reason is green tea aromatic compound can dissolve adipose, change turgid go greasy, prevent adipose accumulate inside sluggish body, vitamin B1, C can promote gastric juice to secrete, have help digest and eliminate fat. Green tea can also increase the metabolism of humoral nutrition and quantity of heat, aggrandizement microvascular circulates, reduce adipose deposit. Take a few minutes to blend a fragrant pot of green tea to moisturize your tongue and make you look and lose weight.
Storage method
The best way to preserve green tea powder is to store it at a low temperature, with no oxygen and anti-moisture, anti-light packaging, its color can maintain quite a long time of storage. Because green tea powder is easy to decolorize and other unstable characteristics, it is recommended that food factories that use green tea powder for a long time or consumers who generally use green tea powder for a long time, in order to require quality stability and freshness throughout the year, they will be ready for a whole year's quantity in spring tea production and put it into the freezer to freeze, if necessary, get some from the freezer. Only in this way can the quality during the whole year be stable and fresh.
Green tea powder is a kind of super powder high latitude green tea, belongs to the natural sea green tea product, in the process of production and processing of green tea products, it is necessary to shorten the exposure time of green tea powder in the air, avoid or shorten the high temperature time as far as possible, in order to maintain the perfect color and nutrition of green tea powder. Green tea powder contributes to public health.
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