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Hemp Seed Protein Powder

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2021-12-03 09:49:20
                                                                                                        Hemp Seed Protein Powder
Hemp seed protein powder is made from hemp seed by screening, impurity removal, selection and classification, rapid heating, rapid cooling, mechanical hulling and milling, and mechanical cold pressing at room temperature to separate oil and fat. Put the protein embryo into the extraction tank, extract the oil in the embryo and separate the protein. After 4 ~ 6 times of extraction and separation, the hemp seed protein wet meal after oil separation is obtained. Defatted hemp kernel protein meal was obtained by vacuum gasification, vacuum desolvation and compression to recover the solvent; After further milling and screening out impurities, it is the required hemp seed protein powder.
Hemp protein is known as an outstanding plant protein. It can be directly used as a protein nutritional supplement for human body. It is widely used in medicine, food, beverage and daily chemical industry.
It mainly contains hemp kernel protein and hemp kernel albumin. Sixty five percent of hemp kernel protein is esedstin, which can promote digestion and is relatively phosphorus free. It is the raw material of cell DNA skeleton; The other 35% is albumin, which contains various essential amino acids required by human body. Therefore, hemp kernel protein is a very excellent new source of plant protein. Clinical trials have proved that hemp seed protein can improve hypoxia tolerance and anemia. At the same time, in addition to the defecation effect of hemp seed oil, hemp seed protein can also promote defecation.
Compared with casein, hemp protein can control weight gain, promote fecal excretion, promote brain tissue development and reduce blood viscosity. It plays a significant positive role in regulating blood glucose, blood lipid and intestinal flora balance. It is a healthy high-quality plant protein resource, which is very suitable for development and application as protein nutritional supplement.
Hemp protein does not contain tryptophan inhibitory factors, oligosaccharides and sensitizing substances, will not affect the absorption of protein, does not contain some oligosaccharides and sensitizing factors of soybean, and will not cause gastric distention, nausea and allergic reactions. It can be used as food for patients with digestive diseases.
Hemp protein is rich in glutamate, aspartic acid, serine, arginine and leucine, which is equivalent to soybean protein, but does not contain some oligosaccharides and sensitizing factors in soybean, but more than nuts, other plant seeds, milk products, meat, fish or poultry.
A prominent aspect of hemp protein is the high content of arginine and histidine. Both amino acids are very important for the growth of children, and the sulfur-containing amino acid cystine required for the synthesis of necessary enzymes
Hemp protein -- the first of plant protein nutrition
Effect of hemp seed protein powder:
anti fatigue and improve immunity: Hemp protein can improve exercise endurance, increase liver glycogen content, reduce blood lactic acid and blood urea nitrogen content, and has anti fatigue effect;
antioxidant and anti-aging: Hemp protein has antioxidant function, which can effectively remove free radicals and reduce the level of lipid peroxide, so as to play an anti-aging role;
tonifying the spleen and benefiting the intestines and stomach: Hemp protein can regulate the balance of intestinal flora, have a two-way therapeutic effect on constipation and diarrhea, and have good anti ulcer and cholagogic effects;
analgesia and anti-inflammatory: Hemp protein has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It has obvious effect on prostatitis, anti-inflammatory and diuretic.

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