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How to eat Goji berry in right way

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2022-01-10 11:29:01
                                                               How to eat Goji berry in right way

Goji berry is a nourishing and healthy food. It can be eaten at different times. Goji berry is cheap and nutritious. It is usually eaten as a nutritious and healthy food.
Generally speaking, chewing Goji berry is well absorbed. Many people in life like to soak Goji berry in water, make soup or cook porridge, but in fact, due to factors such as water temperature and soaking time, only some of the active ingredients in Goji berry can be released into water,or in soup. And Goji berry polysaccharide is a kind of proteoglycan, if boiled and heated to extract, it will be denatured and the efficacy will be reduced.

Healthy adults should eat about 20 grams of Goji berry every day; if they want to improve the effect of treatment, they can eat about 30 grams every day. Goji berry can be taken all year round. It is suitable for people with weak constitution and poor immunity. The process of taking it must be persistent for a long time, and only a little bit every day can be effective.

How to choose and store Goji berry?
When picking Goji berry, choose those with large grains, red color, thick meat, soft and shiny texture, sweet and not bitter, sticky to the teeth, and can dye the saliva red and yellow. This kind of Goji berry is of the best quality.The dyed Goji berries are mostly old goods from previous years. From the sensory point of view, the meat quality is poor and dull, but the appearance is very bright and the color is bright red. In particular, the dyed Goji berry is all red, and even the small white spots on the stem of the Goji berry are red.The storage of Goji berry should be placed in a cool and dry place to prevent sultry, moisture and moth.

Is Goji berry suitable for everyone?
After all, Goji berry is a kind of medicine and food homologous, not everyone is suitable for taking it. Because of its warm medicinal properties, it is best not to take it for people who have a cold, fever, inflammation or diarrhea. People with deficient cold will have the disadvantage of slippage and diarrhea, and people with unresolved internal heat should use it with caution.

Modern use of Goji berry
Goji berry has the functions of improving the body's immunity, enhancing the body's ability to adapt and regulating, preventing and resisting cancer, improving eyesight, anti-fatigue, enhancing learning and memory ability, lowering blood lipids, and treating hypertension. For modern people, the most practical effect of Goji berry is anti-fatigue and lowering blood pressure. Goji berry can also play a role in protecting liver, lowering blood sugar, softening blood vessels, etc. It also has certain curative effects on patients with fatty liver and diabetes.