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Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2021-06-28 16:40:32
                                                                                                                     Sea Buckthorn fruit oil
Sea Buckthorn fruit oil is a brown-red clear transparent liquid made by high juice, high speed centrifugal separation, plate and frame filtration, with the unique aroma of sea Buckthorn fruit. Sea Buckthorn fruit oil is rich in more than 100 biological active ingredients and has comprehensive curative functions in clinical medical observation. Lower blood lipid, anti-ulcer, improve immunity, beauty and other effects.
Sea Buckthorn fruit oil is composed of palmitto acid, palm acrylic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linenenic acid and other unsaturated fatty acid, as high as 70%, carotenoid and vitamin E and a variety of trace elements such as the indispensable vitamin A, selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese and other content are also higher. In addition, a small amount of phytosterols, catechins, and flavonoids are enriched in the process of oil production. These active substances are indispensable substances of human cells and life maintenance activities, and participate in all links of life activities, which shows that the nutritional component of sea Buckthorn fruit oil is comprehensive and incomparable to other oils.
1, reduces cholesterol and blood lipids, enhances vascular elasticity and blood pressure, platelet coagulation, and heart attacks.
2, has a strong bactericidal effect, especially suitable for lung, stomach infection and microbial infection.
3, regulates blood sugar, reduces diabetes attacks, and reduces episodes of rectal cancer by 30% and by 50%.
4, binds with fat, clear intestines, clear the intestines, depoison, clear blood, and removes impurities in the body.
5, effectively removes acne and reduces infection.
Pharmacological action and application
The nutritional composition of sea Buckthorn fruit oil makes it the ideal nutrition and health care product and clinical application drug. After a lot of practice, the product has three effects of nutrition, health care, treatment, has remarkable effects in the cardiovascular system, digestive system and beauty, and can well improve and treat related diseases of various systems.
(1) Cardiovascular system aspects
1, can significantly reduce the blood lipid. Unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E and flavonoids in buckbuckthorn fruit oil can reduce blood viscosity and significantly reduce LDL and VLDL, to improve HDL. And has an exact improvement effect on the hyperlipidemia-induced atherosclerosis, hypertension and other related diseases, and do not have the toxic and side effects of other blood lipid-lowering drugs.
2, improves the disease of coronary heart disease and angina. The comprehensive effect of flavonoids and lecithin substances in seabuckthorn fruit oil enhances the function of the heart, which fundamentally eliminates the cause and improves the disease.
(2) Immune system aspects
It has an obvious effect on regulating human immune function, can improve the body's immunity, promote hematopoietic function, and have prevention and treatment on diseases caused by low immunity. β-carotene and VE in sea Buckthorn fruit oil have anti-cancer activity, and have been clinically proved to be used in cancer patients. The comprehensive nutritional elements of sea Buckthorn fruit oil can be applied to the body caused by low immunity and weak diseases, in addition, sea Buckthorn fruit oil plays a significant role in eliminating free radicals, antioxidant delay aging, and then can reduce various diseases caused by aging. As is well known, VE plays a significant role in this regard, and it is better than vitamin E,. It is composed of VE, flavonoids and trace elements, and in the anti-aging role, it complements each other and plays a synergistic effect.
(3) digestive system
Sea Buckthorn fruit oil also plays a significant role in anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer resistance. It is suitable for patients with gastritis and gastric ulcer caused by various reasons. The action mechanism of Sea Buckthorn fruit oil forms an effective protective film in the damaged mucous membrane to resist external attack factors, such as gastric acid and bacteria. The unsaturated fatty acids and class VE substances in Sea Buckthorn fruit oil also provide nutrition for the repair of the mucosa, and then promote the repair of local lesions.
(4) Other aspects
Sea Buckthorn fruit oil can also be applied in the field of beauty, and Sea Buckthorn fruit oil is made into cream cosmetics, coated on the skin, which can promote the circulation of microvessels on the face. The antioxidant function of seabuckthorn fruit oil can effectively remove facial spots and wrinkles, playing moisturizing, whitening, spot removal, wrinkle removal and other effects.
In addition, Sea Buckthorn fruit oil has certain radiation resistance and scald and frostbite. Can be widely used in drugs, functional food and other fields.
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