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Effects of sea Buckthorn seeds Oil

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2021-06-21 14:54:55
                                                                                                                Effects of sea Buckthorn seeds Oil 
Sea Buckthorn seeds Oil is a brown yellow to brown red transparent oily liquid extracted from sea Buckthorn seeds by supercritical extraction or sub-critical biological technology at low temperature. It is a highly concentrated product with effective components of sea Buckthorn as a whole. It contains more than 140 kinds of bioactive ingredients such as flavonoids, organic acids, alkaloids, sterols, triterpenes and various vitamins.

The effects of sea Buckthorn seeds oil are as the following: 
First, the role of prevention and health care for cardiovascular system diseases.The rich bisimenic (linolenic acid, linoleic acid) unsaturated fatty acids in sea Buckthorn seed oil can be transported to blood vessels through lipoprotein (lipoprotein is the transport vehicle for nutrition in the human body), which can dissolve the lipids on the blood vessel wall and deposit in the blood vessel wall, reduce blood lipid and soften blood vessels. So as to cut off the source of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
The total flavonoids of sea Buckthorn seed oil can have an excellent prevention and treatment effect on ischemic cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia and hypoxia, and heart failure by scavenging reactive oxygen free radicals. It also has a good effect on myocarditis, rheumatic heart disease, chronic cardiac insufficiency, and improves cardiac function. Alleviate chest tightness, palpitation, shortness of breath and other symptoms are also very good. Medical clinical results show that total flavonoids of sea Buckthorn seeds oil can reduce hyperlipidemia, reduce blood viscosity, inhibit platelet aggregation and improve blood circulation,reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, reduce low density protein, increase high density lipoprotein, restore vascular elasticity, increase coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, increase cardiac function, play a role of anti-arrhythmia, anti-myocardial ischemia, reduce the area of myocardial infarction, relieve angina pectoris, improve cardiac function.
Second, the effect of prevention and health care for cerebrovascular system diseases .The effective ingredients such as total flavonoids in sea Buckthorn seed oil can also directly remove oxygen free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals, and have a good prevention and relief effect on ischemic cerebrovascular disease, cerebral ischemia, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction, cerebral arteriosclerosis and the resulting symptoms such as headache, dizziness, unclear language, numbness of hands and feet, slow action, and weakness of limbs. This causes hemiplegia, aphasia, dementia and other symptoms have a very good rehabilitation.
Third, the effect on metabolism and immune system. Bioactive components such as total flavonoids in sea Buckthorn seeds oil can regulate multiple links of immune system to varying degrees, regulate thyroid function and make hyperthyroidism recover to normal.
Fourth, the prevention and health care effect on cancer.Serotonin, the bioactive ingredient in sea Buckthorn seed oil, can promote the degeneration of cancer cells and block carcinogenic factors. The reason is that it has the phagocytosis function of chewing cancer cells (commonly known as; Cancer cells are the favorite food of the active ingredient serotonin), reduce the toxic side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and promote the recovery of cancer patients, especially for gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, rectal cancer, liver cancer and other digestive system cancer effect is more obvious.
Fifth, The prevention and health care of respiratory diseases.Sea Buckthorn seeds oil has the function of relieving cough, relieving asthma, promoting lung and reducing phlegm in traditional medical science, and has a good effect on respiratory tract diseases such as chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, sore throat, asthma, cough and sputum. Its effect is mainly related to the anti-inflammatory effect of volatile oil compounds in sea buckthorn and the promotion of capillary blood circulation.
Sixth,. protective effect on liver. Sea Buckthorn seeds oil contains organic acids such as malic acid and oxalic acid, which can alleviate the toxicity of antibiotics and other drugs, protect the liver. Phospholipid compounds such as lecithin in sea Buckthorn seeds oil are highly bioactive components, which can promote cell metabolism, improve liver function, and resist fatty liver and cirrhosis.
Seventh, the effect on brain and intelligence.Sea Buckthorn seeds oil contains a variety of amino acids, a variety of vitamins, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids (EPA, DHA) to children's intellectual development and physical growth have a very good effect. Taking seabuckthorn juice for a long time has good effect on improving intelligence level, reaction ability and keeping exuberant energy and physical strength.

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