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Sea buckthorn fruit powder (SBT powder)

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Author : Pure Biotechnology
Update time : 2022-11-18 10:48:28
Pure Biotechnology Sea buckthorn fruit powder (SBT powder) is made by drying the sea buckthorn juice.

Appearance: yellow or orange-yellow powder.

Odor: strong sea buckthorn fruit flavor.

Spec: 60mesh, 80mesh, 120mesh

Main uses: raw material provision - raw and auxiliary materials for the production of sea buckthorn powder or flake products and health care products and medicine, such as sea buckthorn fruit tablets, sea buckthorn calcium tablets, various meal replacement powders, nutritional powders, solid drinks, etc.

Nutritional function: sea buckthorn fruit powder is rich in natural vitamin C, protein and amino acid, vitamin K, sea buckthorn polysaccharide, sea buckthorn flavonoids and many kinds of trace elements, which has high nutritional value and plays a big role in antioxidant, vitamin supplement, immune regulation and cardiovascular protection.

Usage: 1 gram of sea buckthorn fruit powder can contain 100 mg of sea buckthorn fruit acids alone. It is easy to make tablets, granules and other dosage forms with sea buckthorn powder. It can be widely used in processing solid drinks, meal replacement powder, candy products and other kinds of food as a nutritional function fortifying agent of trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and natural fruit acids. It can also be brewed directly with warm water and added with sugar or honey to adjust the taste.