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What is the difference between large fruit and small fruit sea buckthorn?

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Author : Pure Biotechnology
Update time : 2022-10-31 14:09:39
PURE BIOTCHNOLOGY analyzes the sea buckthorn from small fruit and large fruit in growing area, appearance, nutrients and commercial value issue:

1) Growing Area
Small fruits Sea buckthorn are generally grown in the northwest area of China, while large fruits sea buckthorn are generally introduced in other countries.

2) Appearance
Small sea buckthorn fruit is round in shape, small and mostly orange-yellow in color.

The large sea buckthorn fruit is oval in shape, the fruit is larger and the color is orange-red.

3) Nutrients
The small fruit of sea buckthorn has higher VC content, but less oil. Large-fruited sea buckthorn has high oil, high water content, but low content of sea buckthorn flavonoids active ingredients.

4) Commercial Value
Small fruits Sea buckthorn has sour taste, which is suitable for deep processing products, such as sea buckthorn powder, sea buckthorn seed seeds oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, etc.
Large fruits sea buckthorn has sweet taste, and the yield is much higher than Small fruits sea buckthorn, which is suitable for the primary processing products, such as sea buckthorn juice, sea buckthorn juice concentrate, etc.

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