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Organic Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries

Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries contain a rare combination of antioxidants that provide a powerful defense against many health conditions. Sea Buckthorn berry offer 12 times more Vitamin C than oranges.

Organic Sea Buckthorn
Organic Dried Sea buckthon Berries is a kind of wild shrub plant.As itself has high medicinal value,the certificate Organic Sea Buckthorn berry has become the focus of public attention.A large number of studies and achievement by modern science and medical science have made clear that organic Sea Buckthorn berry were not only the most valuable herb with rich nutrition in the world up to now,but also had 280 kinds of physiology active substance in it.Such as organic acid,fatty acid,vitamin etc.Organic new crop sea buckthorn berries has the effect of dephlogisticate,disinfect and relieve pain.According to certificate organic sea buckthorn berry itself special function,Ningxia Pure Biology Technology Co.,Ltd have developed a series of sea buckthorn products.
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What Can Dried Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Do For Health ?
1) Provides human body a variety of beneficial bioactive substances and trace elements.
2) Widely used in oils, fruit juices, cosmetics, shampoos and other products.
3) Used as a food additive.Organic new crop Sea buckthorn berry are benefit in preventing infections, improving sight, and slowing the aging process.

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How to
How to enjoy Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry?
Just one or two cups of Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Tea each day to gain all health benefits!
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1) Small customized package: 100g,200g,500g,or as per buyer's option.
2) Bulk packing: 10-25kg/carton(inside plastic bag,outside carton box).
3) Vacumn package.

Why choose
Ningxia Pure Goji Biology Technology Co.,Ltd located in northwestern China,the major producing areas of sea buckthorn, which ensures adequate material supply.The certificate organic sea buckthorn berry we provided can bring you health benefits in eczema,wound healing,dry eyes and etc.The organic new crop sea buckthorn berries we offering has the characteristic of high quality with good price.