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Wild Sea Buckthorn Berry/Sea Buckthorn tea

Wild Sea Buckthorn berry growth in saline barren environment, with wind and sand, soil and water retention characteristics of the human body contains a variety of beneficial.The easiest way to get nutrition of Sea buckthorn is to make a Sea Buckthorn tea.

Wild Sea Buckthorn berry growth in saline barren environment,with wind and sand,soil and water retention characteristics of the human body contains a variety of beneficial bioactive substances,including amino acids,fatty acids and trace elements,development and utilization of sea buckthorn varieties bring some economic value to food and medicinal.Sea buckthorn berry is widely used in oils, fruit juices, cosmetics, shampoos and other products also the Sea buckthorn is used as a food additive for candy and jellies.Sea buckthorn fruit are used for preventing infections, improving sight, and slowing the aging process.The easiest way to get nutrition of Sea buckthorn is to make a cup of sea buckthorn tea.


Seabuckthorn Berry Fruit have no match in the plant kingdom for their content of carotenoids (pro-vitamin A), tocopherols (vitamin E), phylloquinone (vitamin K), as well as other vitally important healing and health-promoting vitamins, fatty acids, and micro-elements.


Sea buckthorn is one of the oldest plants on the earth, It has experienced two hundred million years, older than ginkgo. Modern medical research has proven that sea buckthorn contains nearly 200 kinds of active substances, including essentidal fatty acids of human, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements, flavonoids and so on, and has good health-care effect.

Processing method: low temperature drying

Sea buckthorn benefits:
1. Sea buckthorn berry can improve immunity
2. Sea buckthorn berry can be used for anti-inflammation and muscle nourishment
3. Sea buckthorn berry can be used for anticarcinogenic & anti-radiation
4. Sea buckthorn berry can protect liver
5. Sea buckthorn berry can be used for anti-aging & nourish skin

High Quality Dried Sea Buckthorn Apply for:

1).Pharmaceutical raw materials

2).Health care products and Skin care

3).Food & Beverage additives

4). Sea buckthorn best skin ever, can anti-age to keep the skin ever young.

Wild Sea Buckthorn / Seabuckthorn Berry Fruit Packing:

25kg/fiber drum, double plastic bags inside;

1kg/bag, double plastic bags inside, with aluminium foil bag outside,as you request

1.We have over 10 years'production research experience and exporting experience.

2.Have our own factory; the quality can be controlled very strictly.

3.100% Natural product, without any synthetic ingredient.

4.Sample available.

5.Fast delivery at your request.