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Several eating methods of Matcha

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2022-04-22 16:59:51
                                                                                                       Several eating methods of Matcha
After complicated processes, Matcha preserves sufficient aroma and nutrition, and adds charming visual beauty. So far, Matcha has been successfully combined with various foods. Below, we share various ways to taste Matcha. I hope you also like this beautiful "super food".
1 Matcha milk
When drinking Matcha milk, try to use the milk foam machine to make milk foam, which will taste better. Matcha milk is the simplest way to enjoy Matcha! In the cold winter, drinking a cup of fragrant Matcha milk is a happy enjoyment! Soak Matcha powder in hot water and add hot milk. You can also try to make milk foam with a milk foam machine. It will taste better. If you use sugar free Matcha powder, adding some sugar may taste sweet and smooth.
2. Making baked goods
Powdered Matcha is suitable for making bread or dessert. The production method is to replace some flour in the recipe with Matcha powder. On memorable days, try making pancakes or waffles with Matcha powder at breakfast.

3. Fried tofu or egg
When frying tofu, spices such as curry powder, chili powder and fennel are usually added to add flavor. When adding these spices, a little sugar free Matcha powder can also be added to make the tofu darker. When scrambled eggs or omelets are fried, Matcha powder and green omelets can also be added. They smell light tea. They are interesting and creative dishes!
4. Matcha and oatmeal for breakfast
When eating oatmeal or other cereals for breakfast, you can add a little Matcha powder to increase different flavors. "if you find the granola crispy cereal you bought in the store too sweet, sprinkle some Matcha powder on the crispy cereal to reconcile the taste."
5. Matcha coffee attracts many people to try.
Many coffee shops began to launch Matcha coffee, which has attracted more and more people to try. It is suggested that you can replace the sugar in coffee with sugar Matcha powder. Matcha has antioxidant function. Adding Matcha powder to your coffee can make your morning coffee healthier!

6. Matcha noodles
Roll the Matcha dough into a square shape, and then cut the noodles into strips with a knife, which is the homemade Matcha noodles. Of course, if you have time, you can also make your own handmade noodles. Mix the medium gluten flour, Matcha powder, water and salt, knead them into dough, roll the dough into a square, and then cut the noodles into strips with a knife. If you are worried about cutting too thick, you can also knead the noodles longer by hand.
7. Dishes suitable for adding Matcha
Some dishes are suitable for adding Matcha powder. Add a little Matcha powder to reconcile the flavor of the whole dish.
8. Matcha popcorn
Tired of ordinary popcorn? Try Matcha popcorn next time! The production method is very simple. After making popcorn according to the general method, put the popcorn in a container with a cover, sprinkle some Matcha powder, cover the cover and shake it, and you can get a green popcorn with refreshing tea flavor!
9. Matcha popsicle and ice cream
There are many iced products with Matcha flavor on the market, but we suggest you make them yourself, which can ensure the natural health of the iced products. Matcha can be mixed with milk or yogurt to make Matcha popsicle. When making ice cream, you can use banana ice cream as the base and add Matcha. The banana ice cream with Matcha will not be too sweet and tastes sweet and refreshing.