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 What is the most scientic way to eat Chlorella

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Author : Joe Huang
Update time : 2022-04-15 16:00:26
                                                                                      What is the most scientic way to eat Chlorella
In general, middle-aged, elderly, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, cosmetic and healthy weight losers take fasting half or one hour before meals. Before puberty, take after meals for those with tumors, anemia, major surgery, major trauma, extremely poor physique and emaciation.
Dosage: the routine health care dose shall be no less than 3 grams per day, and 1 gram shall be taken before going to bed for those with poor sleep; For those of dyslipidemia, it shall be no less than 4 grams per day; for abnormal blood pressure, it shall be less than 5g per day; Tumor patients, major surgery and major trauma,it shall be no less than 7g per day; for people who lose weight, it should be no less than 8 grams a day.

Although Chlorella is rich in nutrients, it can't be eaten only once a day, preferably three times a day, which can make digestion and absorption more effective, so that the nutrients of Chlorella can enter the human body quickly. But if you are busy with your work, you can also take Chlorella sooner or later.
Besides Chlorella, the patient is still taking other drugs. Is there any conflict? Can you take it together? A: there is no conflict. It can supplement the algae and other elements in the clothes, which can not effectively improve the body's physical fitness and immunity. In order to better digest and absorb the rich nutrients of Chlorella in the human body, we suggest that you take Chlorella and other drugs at an interval of half an hour. High blood fat, do you refuse to accept other drugs when taking Chlorella? Answer: wrong. Effectively reducing blood lipids is the key to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Two bioactive substances contained in Chlorella vulgaris - polysaccharide and γ- Linolenic acid has the function of regulating human blood lipid, so it is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of hyperlipidemia, prevention of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. If your blood lipid is very high, you must take lipid-lowering drugs first. If it is only critical high line or slightly ultra-high, it can be adjusted by Chlorella for a long time. Chlorella is alkaline. I have atrophic gastritis and less gastric acid secretion. Can I take it? A: you can take it. In general, patients with atrophic gastritis have reduced gastric acid secretion, discomfort and dyspepsia in the upper abdomen, and even the symptoms of weight loss and anemia in severe cases. Taking Chlorella: (1) the dietary fiber contained in Chlorella can build a beneficial Lactobacillus group in the intestine and effectively improve the immune function of the intestine. It is rich in chlorophyll, active growth factor CGF β- Carotene and other substances can resist mucosal inflammation, repair cell damage and restore the normal secretion function of the stomach. (2) Chlorella vulgaris can provide balanced nutrition to the body and improve immunity. It contains VB12, VB6, folic acid and organic iron as hematopoietic raw materials to prevent and correct anemia. (3) Although Chlorella is alkaline, it will not affect the secretion of gastric acid if patients with atrophic gastritis change their taking time after meals. Can hepatitis B patients take Chlorella? Answer: hepatitis B patients take Chlorella, very fruitful. Chlorella is effective in adjuvant treatment of liver, especially in liver function. First, they promote the regeneration of liver tissue and repair liver tissue cells. Secondly, it can make the metabolism of the body proceed smoothly and excrete toxic intermediate metabolites. Chlorella also has many strong liver factors to enhance liver function. In addition, Chlorella makes the blood function well, which can effectively prevent the blood from being polluted by corruption products. Therefore, taking Chlorella is beneficial to the rehabilitation of hepatitis B patients. Chlorella contains polysaccharides.
Can diabetes be taken? Answer: diabetes patients can be taken. (1) Chlorella contained polysaccharide which is stored in muscle, directly supplying the energy needed by the body, and it will not affect blood sugar. On the contrary, it has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on diabetes. (2) Algal polysaccharide, a unique active substance in Chlorella vulgaris, can repair the damaged islet cells and restore the normal insulin secretion function of islet cells by improving the activity of endonuclease in the body and strengthening the DNA repair function of tissues and cells; (3) Chlorella contains insulin like substances, which can participate in carbohydrate metabolism, and is beneficial to the blood sugar lowering of diabetes patients. (4) because of the restriction of diet on diabetes, it is necessary to have a balanced nutrition, a reasonable proportion of high-quality plant protein in Chlorella, 8 essential amino acids supplement, and no burden to other organs.